September 22, 2017

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Voguing and Walking the Runway

February 24, 2018

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What do I do now that I am Self Employed/Freelance?

February 21, 2018

I recently left my morning cleaning job to concentrate on my creativity and performing. I cleaned in the mornings thinking that it would leave me the rest of the day to focus on other things whilst earning a little money, but when you hate your job it doesn't really work that way. So I took the plunge and here I am. Sat in a half decorated house waiting for my creative space to be knocked down and rebuilt and because of all of this I forgotten to absorb the fact that I am in fact now self-employed. It is now slowly sinking in. I see big red lights over many of my self-employed friends who even struggle to get out of bed at times so I though I would post up all of the things that are essential for me to do to get by and also succeed in my business to show that self-employment doesn't mean I have a lot of time to sit around. 


-Social media marketing, posts and blogs. EVERY DAY!

-How can I improve my costumes and acts?

-Think about my next acts, how much money do I need to save for the costume?

-Look at what dance classes and workshops I can attend.

-Attend dance classes and workshops

-Look at the freelance work websites to see if there are any festival shifts I can work or promo shifts to make finances a little easier.

-Create items or draw up provisional items for my business Cthulhu Cat Cult.

-Go to the gym or do yoga. EVERY DAY.

-Sort through old house items, what can I sell? What can I take to swap shops?

-Food prep.

-Read, draw, visit place to absorb inspiration. Be a sponge!




I like to disperse my blog posts intermittently with tips and also things that have actually occurred. I want to share what has helped me and also the success and failures of being a human being that tries out these tips. If you want to keep up to date on such things then please head over to the site and subscribe to email updates. 

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