September 22, 2017

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February 24, 2018

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How To Quickly Create Zen in 10 Steps

December 21, 2017

We can mislead ourselves only too easily and let ourselves believe that we are busier and more chaotic than we really are and this is often due to not resetting ourselves properly. The stress this causes is therefore pointless and it is certainly not needed!

So here are my quick reset tips which you can do anywhere at anytime if you feel that you need a little boost:


1. Stop, take a deep breath in a roll your shoulders back. Give your neck and back a little wriggle and loosen off any stiffness. 

2. Close your eyes and focus on just your body and what is within it. 

3. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth focussing on the breathing. 

4. Just clear the mind, nothing is so important that it must be thought about non-stop, just throw it away temporarily, create and imaginary bin if you need to. 

5. Create an imaginary ball of clear white light, let it grow and expand until it engulfs you-this is your little temporary bubble.

6. Sit there focussing only on the bubble and your breathing for as long as you can manage it. 

7. Deplete the bubble slowly until it disappears. 

8. Imagine clear light or water pouring through the top of your head to your feet and in to the ground and picture anything bad leaving your body into the ground to be recycled. 

9. When you are all clear start re-awakening your mind to normal life.

10. Create your plan of action for the rest of the day on a piece of paper-small achievable things that you can tick off. 


I do this nearly every day just to recenter and ground myself and then I carry on. Some days you will be able to do this for longer and after a while you may feel that you can spend more time holding the meditative state. For many this will take a little practice but it isn't a chore. Sitting there is not a chore, be thankful that you can just take the time to sit there! There is little reason to create an excuse not to do this. The brain will not function if it is crammed constantly, if it can't be controlled then syphon off some of the ideas or issues on to paper and deal with them when you have dealt with other things that are easier to achieve. 




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