September 22, 2017

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Voguing and Walking the Runway

February 24, 2018

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5 Things that have Changed as I have Grown Older

October 1, 2017


  • I don’t mind going out in the rain.

  • I don’t mind wearing walking boots and waterproofs because if I wear these then (see number 1)

  • Time is too precious to me to have hangovers

  • I realise that my mum lives too far away

  • I enjoy my time awake more than my time asleep

Remember when you were a kid and you laughed or said "I don't care" when people older than you said that things would change as you got older? Well they really do! Some changes are for the better, some for the worse and the only thing that stops people freaking out as they get older is learning to handle how you adapt to these changes. 



There was a time that I would not be caught without make up and now there are pictures of me asleep and dribbling on social media or shoving cake in my face after a 10k charity run. I don't think "oh hell she should probably put some make up on" about other people so I no longer think the same thing about myself any more. To wake up in the morning, wash my face, have breakfast and just walk out the door is a massive achievement and a huge comfort, not to mention time saver!

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